Phoney Individual (asian_astronaut) wrote,
Phoney Individual

Wow, I forgot I had a livejournal

Hey Everyone,

This is Amanda and I forgot I had a livejournal. Wow, I have not posted since 2006 and my life has changed so much. I moved away, came home, am now in college.

I still hate school...but at least I don't cheat anymore?

Still can't stop me from trying to sleep with my teachers (or now my TA) because I guess inherently I will always be a slut! AHAHHAHA.

University life is really weird. I honestly kind of love the way it has fucked up my sleeping schedule and made me consume ridiculous amounts of coffee because it makes me feel like I am doing something with my life, ya know? But do I feel more accomplished as a student and part of a larger school community?


Tucson, and the U of A is the absolute wrong place for me. I want to live somewhere with more people, I want better mass transit, I want to live in a country that speaks Spanish, I need cuter boys, hotter girls, and some goddamn liquor stores in my neighborhood (even though this is actually really bad, it is very convinient).

So, I will also admit that my college life is making me think about boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, fuck-buddys, no so fuck buddys, and so on. I remember when I was at my registration they said, "look around at your future in-laws"

God, I wanted to die because I am not going to marry a white person, I swear mom, I am not going to!

It's not that I do not like white people, god, come on, me a racist? haha, oh please, but my spanish already sucks and I cannot let that die out because I am living with some white guy who says it easier to speak english. God, why am I thinking about kids? Oh, that's right, I am a girl now.

So, the hottest guy at school is actually my Cuban Latina America: Arts and Politics teacher who is really cool on top of his amazing accent and boyish charm despite being 37 and bald.

Well, I am at school right now, I have a lot of homework I still need to finish and I just saw a boy trip getting out of a chair and I didn't even laugh. Fuck,I am tired.

Life is life man, and I am going to post another entry right now~
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