Phoney Individual (asian_astronaut) wrote,
Phoney Individual


Come move into our house. We have two spaces available in sunny West Tucsona.

You would have access to a kitchen and a back living room/music room. Right now there is a violin, guitar, and djembe. Soon, let's pray/hope...drums! Also, there is a four-foot Red Stripe chair and access to a small backyard. We also have a nice front yard and we are preparing the ground for gardening.

There is two carneceria's across the street, a Food City, about 5 tortilla shops and 6 Mexican restaurants. For you Catholics, the church I grew up going to is around the corner, along with Pat's Famous Hot Doggs, and EL RIO BAKERY.

Also, the name of the neighborhood is "Barrio Hollywood", and it even has its own slogan, "Barrio Hollywood...where everyone's a STAR!"

Rates as follows:

Front Living Room: $125
Middle Room (no direct access, must go through Sadie or I's room, but we are not home that often): $225

We would be spliting utilities 4 or 5 ways because Sadie, Timoteio (in the guest house), and me are already paying. The bills come to about $150/month so it is really cheap. Let your friends know!

420 necessary and non-negotiable. No bike lovers, pet owners, or thieves.

and email me at
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